Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CM PRESS # 414


According to the above linked article, Romney went on his anti-Trump nutso binge after Donald Trump didn't immediately condemn David Duke. Romney thus evidenced the typical behavior of a self-hating White.  These cucks are always hypersensitive to other Whites not having their own self-hating neurotic mind sets.

Romney is the self-hating Mormon who said that when he heard his Church would no longer discriminate against Blacks that he pulled his car over to the curb and wept tears of joy.

One of Romney's sons has now adopted a Black baby.  Why not a White baby that needs adoption?  Because Great White Fathers and Great White Mothers would rather drive right over Whites to help non-Whites to prove to themselves and others that they are righteous people.  Cucks. Spit!
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