Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CM PRESS # 368

BREAKING NEWS---Steve Mensinger was appointed to fill Katrina Foley's City Council seat tonight.
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We reported on this some time ago when it appeared that the Seattle Police Department was trying to cover up the hate crime nature of this incident. 
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William Lobdell over at the Daily Pilot says he's found some clues that may explain why Costa Mesa Police Chief Christopher Shawkey and Captain Ron Smith have been put on leave. Link

The clues involve the amount of gas that Chief Shawkey has been putting in his city owned car with the city's credit card, and the gas stations where the gas was purchased, which are mostly far from Costa Mesa.

Now, it  really may be that Lobdell just followed public hints that have "leaked" out about Shawkey reportedly  spending a lot of time away from the job, and decided to check the Chief's expense records, which Lobdell says are public records.

But, some wags are wondering if someone inside the CMPD--perhaps in the motor pool; since most of Lobdell's guesses start with the Chief's car--in concert with some others in the department, may have contacted Lobdell with odometer readings and other information about the Chief's car, and that this may be what spurred Lobdell to obtain further information.

And, if the wags are guessing right, is there some sort of internal struggle going on within the CMPD to get rid of Shawkey for some reason? 

Could it be that he's not playing ball with the clique that many believe exists within the department and which has links to some former employees?

Oh, and remember, one CMPD officer is in hot water for using a CMPD tracking device to stalk a woman. Could someone have put such a device on the Chief's car?

From the above, you  can see how easy it is to weave a web of intrigue when our local government doesn't have transparency and when it lets things just fester for long enough.

Come on City Hall, shed some light on what's going on to stop the rumors.   And, while you're at it, how about the results of the Stink Eye investigation and the investigation of the officers who spoke to the press after the Righeimer DUI checkpoint issue?

Also, how did Lobdell get access to the Chief's expense account records?  When the CM PRESS has tried to get some very basic information such as current percentages of officers who don't live in Costa Mesa, we've been rebuffed.

We're for transparency, but in this day of stalking and terrorism is it true that anyone can walk into City Hall and get the expense account records of a chief of police and know his movements and where he and his family are or where they may be at some time?  Maybe this needs to be looked into.
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  1. You are onto something and I hope you stay with it. Normally, a journalist cites their source in detail in order to establish credibility. When they are obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, for example, journalists cite that. Lobdell noted only that he got his information from "public records." I'm not buying it. if Lobdell has a mole, he needs to come clean on it or go into further detail on his source.


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