Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CM PRESS # 369


We wrote about this before and said it doesn't give the Marines the best bang for the buck and should be cancelled. The weakness of this vehicle results from it being an ocean landing vehicle.

A redesign to remove the ocean landing capability,while adding more armor and armaments along with a higher land speed, might save the project. But, we don't think anyone is thinking along these lines.
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We predicted long ago that by removing Saddam Hussein from power, that the U.S. was inadvertently paving the way for Iraq to become an Islamic republic similar to Iran.

To know if things are moving in our predicted direction, watch to see if Al-Sadr is promoted to Ayatollah. If he gets that title, our prediction is closer to becoming a reality.
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Go to the DAILY PILOT story [HERE] about Steve Mensinger being appointed to the City Council last night and read some of the comments.  You'll see "MENSINGER" spelled different ways.  Also, you'll see one of McEvoy's supporters even spelling McEvoy's name wrong as she whines that the Council didn't listen to the voters.

Actually, the Council did listen.  I was there.  I saw all the Councilmembers looking right at each speaker and I didn't see any ear plugs in the Councilmembers ears. They couldn't help but listen to what in some cases were really stupid, rambling comments from people who probably shouldn't be encouraged to vote at all.
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With the selection of Steve Mensinger to take Katrina Foley's seat on the City Council, the die is cast for a very interesting and hopefully a productive new era for the Council and for Costa Mesa.

Hints were given about what we'll be seeing and hearing in the coming months by a few terse comments from three of the Councilmembers.

Jim Righeimer said that the city is in a financial mess and it needs to be fixed.

Wendy Leece  got angry and scolded Righeimer for saying that. Then,  Leece said that Costa Mesa is not in a financial mess. Huh?  Someone asked us if Leece is completely bonkers or just stupid. We referred that person to John Moorlach's satement that Leece is not qualified to be a Councilmember.

Leece also refused to vote for Mensinger and voted for Chris McEvoy. 

Often, when it is clear that someone other than your fav is going to win, politicians will withdraw their earlier vote and vote for the winner so the record shows a unanimous vote. This also sends a signal that the politician will work with the winner and doesn't have any sour grapes.  Leece didn't do this and as a result she looks petty and small.

Mensinger indicated that he's for smaller government.

And, speaking of McEvoy.  He and his supporters don't seem to understand how things work.  Many of these supporters told the Council that McEvoy should get the nod because he came in third and got lots of votes even though he didn't spend any money on his campaign.

Righeimer corrected that "re-writing of history" by saying that eight different unions had pumped a couple of hundred thousand dollars into the campaign in trying to elect McEvoy.

Even with that information, which one would think McEvoy would understand, McEvoy said that he'll win election the next time he runs.

Actually, we doubt that. As we mentioned above, McEvoy only got as many votes as he got because of the unions having no other real choice in their attempt to seat a puppet and defeat Righeimer.

If  McEvoy runs next time, the field is going to be much different and the unions (if they have not been completely decimated) will have a more viable candidate or candidates to push as their puppet(s).

And in a larger sense, and if our instincts are correct, Costa Mesa is going to be very different in two years in many ways.

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Those are our opinions.  Thanks for reading them.


  1. I was impressed with Sue Lester and hope she runs again. Clear-thinking, level-headed, presentable. Plus, she has business experience.

  2. To Anonymous 9:37: Really? What is it that you think she stands for? Do you think she would help make Costa Mesa a nicer place? Do you normally vote for liberals?

  3. Anonymous, are you nuts, or are you smoking the stuff too?

    The only thing Sue Lester stands for is shoving marijuana down our throats. We have enough marijuana dealers in town, without putting them on the city council, the planning commission or parks and rec!!!

  4. Mr. Millard, I don't "normally vote for liberals" or conservatives, but since you seem to be very comfortable labeling everything and everyone so that it fits into a neat, tidy category, I voted for John McCain for president over the bumbling Obama. I am not beholden to the left or the right or any extreme. I vote for people people who will work hard, bring new ideas, be honest and will be held accountable. I understand that there is a good chance I will disagree with the candidate from time to time, but that is to be expected. In short, Mr. Millard, I vote for people with good character.

  5. One more note: Is Lester a liberal because she supports medical pot or even legalizing pot? Legalizing pot is supported by a large number of smart conservatives, Mr. Millard.

  6. Only pot users would have any interest in supporting the legalization of pot. Medical marijuana users have in turn now become dealers. Now that they are allowed to grow it in their back yards, they are selling it.

    Marijuana users are equivalent to drunk drivers. Do you really want more DUI deaths in our city? On top of that, marijuana is one of the primary causes of mental illness. Do you, or your family members, want to end up with paranoid schizophrenia? In case you don't know it, there is no cure for that. You will end up on Skid Row, or in a park somewhere. Contrary to popular opinion, neither the county, or the state, will help you.

    Incidentally, very few of the medical marijuana users really need, or use, the stuff. They prefer to resell it at a profit. Anybody can now get a prescription for marijuana, regardless of whether they are sick or not. Medical marijuana has become a really sick joke!

    No conservative with an ounce of brains would support the legalization of pot.

  7. Equally Anonymous: A couple of points then I'm done here. How conservative do you want your legalization supporters? How about Tea Party candidate Sean Bielat? How about Ann Lee, a Texas Republican and devout Catholic? How about Glenn Beck, who said last April, "You know what, I think it’s about time we legalize marijuana." Your narrow mind bores me and I am moving on. Don't bother to post anything for me to read because you'll be wasting your time.


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