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CM PRESS # 333


If you're one of the many new readers here and if you have been conditioned to believe certain things and have internalized them,  you might experience some cognitive dissonance as you read the truth.

Cognitive dissonance is best defined by cartoons that show a robot being told the truth about reality that is different from what he has been programmed to believe. I'm sure you've seen those cartoons with the robot constantly repeating "Does not compute," Does not compute," over and over as smoke billows out of him.

So, deprogram yourself and enjoy! And, as always, thanks for reading.

Here's one of my columns against the genocide of distinct peoples that you may have's longish, but is an easy read. 


Hawaii's last queen
I. The invasion of the identity snatchers

There you are, just living out on some islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with your own people, minding your own business and not hurting anyone.

Then, a bunch of people who are alien to you, your genes, your genotype, your phenotype and your culture show up by the hundreds of thousands and jump into your gene pool. They like your islands.

How nice. Your land is their land--no, they insist.

So, they keep coming and they keep jumping into the gene pool. They tell you that they'll make things better for you.  Until they told you that, you thought things were pretty good. Now they've got you wondering.  After all, they're pretty smart people.

Because of all of their genes that are being dumped into your formerly exclusive gene pool, your genes are getting crowded and must now struggle with these alien genes just to survive and be themselves.

You imagine your individual genes being like fish in a closed lagoon.  Once, all the eye color genes were brown and were swimming around in there and producing people with your color eyes.  Now, there are blue, green, hazel and grey eye genes in there swimming around wanting to be the winners of the gene race to produce more just like themselves. And, they're starting to win as more and more of them jump in.

You imagine the same thing with other individual genes, all fighting to be the winners. There are your skin color genes and your hair color and hair texture genes, and your bone structure genes and your facial characteristic genes and all those genes for things of the brain.  All of them are swimming around in there and they now have to compete with other genes for those characteristics.

But, hey, you're pretty easy going and the White aliens tell you that all people are really alike anyway, so it doesn't much matter if your kids marry their kids and your grandkids now have blue eyes and blond hair instead of brown eyes and black hair or, in some cases, start looking more and more like skinny little Japanese people with each birth.  And, you smile in agreement because you remember that some of these aliens are pretty smart folks. They know what's best for you. 

Why, before the aliens came, you actually thought it was right to marry and have kids with your own people.  How stupid and racist of you. The aliens tell you that thinking that way is evil and racist and that you should be just like them and not even notice such things as eye and hair color and hair texture and skin color and bone structure and body types and nose shapes and ear shapes and anything like that at all. What really matters, they tell you, is the content of your character. All those features you were born with?  Not worth spit. They tell you not to be a racist and only racists notice such things.

"Remember," they keep saying, "all people are the same. We all bleed red blood."  Boy are they smart. That business about us all bleeding red blood really said it all and cinched it for you.  But, wait a minute, don't most animals bleed red blood?  Oh, never mind.

But, as the years pass, you can't help noticing with your racist eyes that there seem to be fewer and fewer people around who look like you.  Why, even in your own family there are now fewer and fewer people who look like you. Even your grandkids look like the aliens. But, you love them. After all, they are your grandkids--you deny your eyes and keep telling yourself this--and even though they don't look like you, they're a continuation of your line. But, you wonder about this.  After all, if they're a continuation of your line, wouldn't they look like you? You put the thought out of your mind. Hey, these grandkids, who look nothing like you, were born on the islands, just like you, and they have your last name.  And, of course, they bleed red blood.  You keep telling yourself these things beause you don't want to be an evil racist.

Well, maybe it's just your imagination that your grandkids are different.  So, one day you pull out some old photos of your own grandparents and you see people looking out at you from the photos who look just like you.  And, now you compare those photos with ones of your own grandkids and it doesn't look as though they're from the same family, tribe or people.  You put that racist thought out of your mind. You don't want to be a racist.  That's bad.

But lately, some folks who do look like you are speaking out.  They're saying that people who look like you are dying off. This puzzles you a little. Why, you're not dying off.  You pinch yourself. Yup. You're still here. You're still alive. Still, these people who look like you are saying that you are being replaced on your own islands by alien peoples who are invading you from within and destroying your genotype by rewriting your internal genetic code one gene at a time.  They say that eventually all your genes will be replaced with the alien genes.

This confuses you.  And, the aliens tell you that those who are saying such things are evil racists and that you should ignore them. And, the aliens are smart people.  Look at all the big buildings they've put up on the islands and all the cars they've brought over.

So, with these thoughts in mind, you go to bed.  Then, for no other reason than old age, you die in your sleep.  And, you die a very long and a very complete death, because there is little of you left behind in "your" descendents. You have become extinct and will no longer exist except in old photos. That's no existence at all.

II. Fighting back against genocide--people aren't rainbows

Now that the native Hawaiians are pushing harder to be allowed to have their own exclusive schools, culture, and other things including being given the privileges that Native American tribes on the mainland have had for years--in other words--to be able to develop strategies to avoid being assimilated (or as I say, "blended"), and even though it's not put in those terms,  we're seeing those who have a, shall we say, different view of humanity pushing hard to stop them and have them continue with their own genetic destruction.

Those who understand a little about genes, genotypes and phenotypes realize that such an "assimilation" or blending is really genocide. 

In order to understand why well meaning people should support the Native Hawaiians, we need to unravel a few things. This is especially necessary given the temper of the times and the current so-called anti-racist orthodoxy of our age. 

We can start by noting that some who want the Native Hawaiians to blend themselves away almost gush with glee about Hawaii being diverse and about how commonplace intermarriage is and, why, "golly it's a wonderful tapestry and a veritable rainbow of humanity," they say.  No it's not.  It's a process whereby distinct peoples are blending together and losing their unique genetic characteristics.

 And, yes, that type of thinking about intermarriage is part of the orthodoxy of this age about which I am speaking.  One can almost imagine such people--blenders--saying: "Why, everyone knows that all humans are exactly the same except for different paint jobs, so we shouldn't notice differences, and if we do notice differences we should try to erase them."

Actually, all humans are not exactly the same. Trying to erase differences by blending people together is what I call soft or bedroom genocide.  And, the Hawaiian people as well as the American Indians and many other distinct peoples are easily recognized victims of this type of genocide if you have the eyes to see it.  Fortunately, enough of these distinct peoples are now trying to pull back from the brink of extinction and are working to change the path they've been on. They don't want to be the last of the Mohicans and they know that bedroom genocide is every bit as long lasting as gas chamber genocide. It's forever.

Before proceeding, we need to pound the point home that, for our purposes, there are really two broad and opposing world views relating to race and genes and distinct peoples that are afoot in the world right now.

The first world view--the one that is the current orthodoxy of today--is represented by the aforementioned  "blenders."  Blenders don't put much stock in genes as the most essential part of what makes us who and what we are. They believe in "assimilation."   Some in this camp will often call themselves anti-racists and tell you that they're fighting racism. Many in this camp are also zealots and they are quick to call people who don't accept their ideology; racists, or supremacists or separatists or by any other term that can be used to brow beat others into intellectual submission.

The  second world view--perhaps the one held by fewer people--is one that says that genes really do matter and that we are much more a product of our genes than current orthodoxy--for a variety of reasons--wants us to believe. This view is reinforced with twin studies and the ever increasing genetic knowledge that science is uncovering as well as by our knowledge of evolution (and even physics) and also by plain old Mendelian inheritance principles. 

Those who hold this second view say that distinct peoples have a right to exist as they are and as they choose to be; unmolested by the genes of people unlike them. They say that people have a right to self-identification and self-determination and that they have a right to associate with or disassociate with anyone or any other peoples for any reasons that they find fitting.

We humans may not be quite like robots with little people (genes) inside us controlling every single thing we do in ways that we can fully comprehend, but we're pretty close--each one of us--to being an outward manifestation of a colony of genes--a genotype--composed of individual genes that "want" to  survive and which give us our phenotype, or outward appearance.  In other words, genes 'r' us. If our genes are changed, we are no longer us.

When white people forced American Indians into Indian schools and made them dress like whites, the whites didn't usually do this out of hatred for the Indians. Instead, they, like our present blenders, were do-gooders--pathological altruists--with false ideas about nature and the ways of nature.

They believed--consciously at that time and subconsciously now--that white people were the basic model of humanity and that all others would be improved by being like white people.  Today, the whites who believe this way are mostly aracial and say, in effect, look at us, we don't think race matters, so neither should you. 

 I sometimes call whites who have this view, Great White Mothers (GWMs) and Great White Fathers (GWFs).  A slightly different variety I call Lord Jims and Lady Jims. We needn't go into this any more here, because with a little thought you'll probably already have the idea of what these terms mean. If you don't, you can find many other essays I've written on the subject.

Another term we need to understand is "genocide."  It's not just about gas chambers and mass executions. What the term really means is the "death" (cide) of "genes" (gen).  It doesn't matter how it is accomplished. If genes die off with criminal intent you have de jure genocide.  If they die off without such intent, they are just as dead and extinct, and it is de facto genocide.

Now, to the point.  Native Hawaiians are Native Hawaiians because of their genes--because of the colonies of genes within each person--their genotype--that give Native Hawaiians both external and internal characteristics such that we recognize them as a distinct people.

Today, because of blending with other peoples who are alien to them, Native Hawaiians are dying off.  They are being assimilated and are becoming extinct. Their gene pool is being watered down and the individual genes that add up and have the cumulative effect of making a Hawaiian a Hawaiian are being replaced by genes of other peoples.

According to the most agreed upon count today, each human being carries about 23,000 individual genes.  All of those 23,000 Hawaiian genes, not just the ones for eye and hair color and other easily seen characteristics, now have to compete with 23,000 genes from others that have made these others what they are; which is non-Native Hawaiians.  This is pretty much the stuff of Darwin's finches where isolated populations adapt and evolve in slightly different ways.
Let this process go on long enough and swamp the islands with enough copies of alien genes and eventually you might end up with blue-eyed, blond haired "Native Hawaiians," who look like Scandinavians but who may have Native Hawaiian names.  Are they really Native Hawaiians?  Of course not. At least not in the historic genetic sense. The Native Hawaiians were absorbed into a different genotype and became extinct.

That's what is happening in Hawaii and many other lands.  There's nothing new to this, it's been going on since life came into being on this planet.  That doesn't mean that we have to accept this if we don't want to accept it.  Some humans like themselves just the way they are, thank you very much, and they don't want to be blended, absorbed, assimilated into another people.

It seems that many Native Hawaiians are now at that point where they are saying they want to be themselves.  And, if they continue with their movement of separation--or, in genetic terms, "reproductive isolation," they will not only survive, but will begin rolling back genocide and distill out the alien genes so that they may eventually become full blooded Native Hawaiians as they once were.

III.  What's good for one group is good for others

Now, here's the problem with this sort of thing.  It's unfair to other peoples to give special favors to the Native Hawaiians or anyone else.  If they are allowed, for example, to have schools just for their people, then shouldn't other peoples--including whites--be allowed to have schools just for their people? Say, all white schools?

White people are not genetically aracial even if they don't understand this.  They are the indigenous peoples of Europe in the European Diaspora.  All the white people on the planet are very closely related.  They are a very large tribe that began, according to what many scientists now believe, with just a small handful of people who left Africa thousands of years ago and who moved north and began adapting to new conditions and thus branched off from other peoples. Along the way, various mutations such as white skin (probably a mutation of gene SLC24A5) became the norm and the white people diverged more and more from the majority of people on the planet.

Over thousands of years, more and more mutations cropped up causing a further divergence--that's what genetic isolation and a different environment with random mutations and natural selection do. Eye color, hair color and texture, body types, head shapes, ear shapes, nose shapes, lip shapes, bone structures and thousands and thousands of "little" changes developed to create a new people from out of the old that was more able to survive in different conditions than were found in Africa.
And, what of the so-called traditional "melting pot" that people always talk about?  Well, there never really was a melting pot as some are now trying to portray it.  The original so-called melting-pot didn't refer to genetically distinct peoples all blending together in America, but to different European "nationalities" blending together.  It wasn't the blending of very different peoples at all. 

A German from this side of the road in Europe would come to America and might marry someone who had originally lived on the other side of the road in France.  They were really very closely related genetically to begin with. The genotype stayed European. 

This new blending that many are calling for really can result in the extinction of those whose genes are fewer in the gene pool.

Yes, the efforts of the Native Hawaiians should be supported, but so too should similar efforts of other peoples who are starting to awaken and realize that blending is genocide.  More and more distinct peoples are saying "don't morph us."  We like ourselves as we are.
Political and national lines are artificial and can be changed at any time with little long term consequences.  Genetic lines are real.  If you change them, you destroy genes and you destroy entire peoples.

And, now, let's talk about the genocide of the Tibetans. China has put in fast rail and is filling Tibet with Han Chinese people.  Bedroom genocide is the goal.  In time, all the "Tibetans" will be Han Chinese. The Chinese are patient and take a long view of history.
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We have some White haters right here in Costa Mesa, but they try to hide by attempting to smear any Whites who work for White rights.  Fortuntely, more and more Whites are coming out of the closet and aren't running away from the stupid name calling and are realizing that it's okay to be White and to organize and work for White rights and White interests.

“Abolish the White Race – By Any Means Necessary”
“The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.”
“so long as the white race exists, all movements against racism are doomed to fail.”
“Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.”
“We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”
“The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists.”

Noel Ignatiev-
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After a long hiatus, I attended the City Council meeting last night and spoke to the Council about keeping the Westside Plans on track and how the slow growth initiative is bad for improvement.
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Wake up, Whitey, and start supporting your fellow Whites.  An attack on one White because he or she is White is an attack on all Whites.
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Yet another hate crime. The vet is a light skinned Hispanic.
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What is really pathetic is to hear some Whites call other Whites racists and White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis, etc. for simply calling for the same type of representation in Sacramento via a White Caucus that Blacks, Latinos, Asians-Pacific Islanders and Jews have.  And, these same self-hating Whites will often then praise these other racial/ethnic caucuses.  Sick.

When I posted this before, a hostile reader demanded to know what a White Caucus in the California Legislature would do.  Stupid question.

 I told him to click on the links of any of the present racial/ethnic caucuses and simply substitute "White" for the words, Black, Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander or Jew on any of the pages of those racial/ethnic caucuses and that would tell him what a White Caucus would do.


Be sure to click on the links in this column below to get the full picture of why Whites need a White Caucus!  We need politicians looking out for OUR interests.

by H. Millard

It was recently announced that State Senator Marty Block, (D-San Diego), started the Legislative Jewish Caucus (and HERE) and that this caucus will also form a political action committee to raise money for Israel-friendly candidates. Block told the press that the Legislative Jewish Caucus "isn't a religious based organization.  We see this as an ethnic organization."  This statement was presumably made to both forestall Muslims from starting a Muslim Legislative Caucus and also to head off complaints that the Legislative Jewish Caucus is breaching the wall between religion and state.

These caucuses work, sometimes behind the scenes and out of public view, to represent the interests of their ethnic/racial  groups.  They write legislation and take other actions on behalf of their particular ethnic/racial groups even though the people they are acting on behalf of may not live in their districts. In other words, unlike the traditional American political notion that people elected to public office represent a specific geographic area, these ethnic caucus members represent "their people," no matter where they live in the state.

An example of what the members of these ethnic/racial caucuses do was presented in the Daily Pilot recently in a story about State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, a member of the Latino Legislative Caucus, who has authored a bill that would force cities such as Costa Mesa to end city wide voting and replace it with district voting.  District voting is a scheme that will lead to gerrymandered districts in Costa Mesa, in an attempt to include Latino voters in certain districts and exclude White voters from the districts.

On the welcome page of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus we read this:  "[T]he Caucus was founded in 2001 and serves to represent and advocate for the interests of the APIA community...."

On the Website of the Latino Legislative Caucus we read: "The Mission of the California Latino Legislative Caucus is to identify, promote and advocate on behalf of the professional, educational, social, political and cultural interests of the Latino Community."

And, on the Website of the Legislative Black Caucus we read"The continuing mission of the CLBC is to provide our unwavering commitment and support to our goal of achieving full inclusion of our state’s Africans American residents in every aspect of California life – from education and employment to housing and health to commerce and government services."

So, there you have it.  Four ethnic/racial organizations all advocating for the interests of their people.  Who advocates for White people?  No one.

Now, some who haven't kept up with the news may say that a White Legislative Caucus isn't needed because Whites are in the majority in the state.  Actually, we're not.  Latinos have ether reached numbers parity or have exceeded the size of the White population.  Some others may argue that Whites are not an ethnicity, but a race, and that we shouldn't lump the various White ethnicities (or people who originated in many different European nations) together under one rubric such as White.  Well, the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus lumps various Asian and Pacific Islander populations together, and the Legislative Black Caucus is based on race.  

I'll ask and answer this question once again:  Who represents Whites and White interests?  No one.

It's time to change that.  Will we now see some White legislators start a White Legislative Caucus?  Probably not.  Why?  Because Whites have been so brow beaten about race that it seems many are even afraid to order a gallon of white paint at the hardware store lest they be called racist.  The result of this racial intimidation that Whites have undergone for years is that Whites are left without any real representation for their particular interests (and we have many) in the state legislature.

Those timid souls who are so brow beaten that they run from the word "white," can simply use the term European-American if it makes them feel more comfortable.
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It is almost scientific gospel that evolution takes a very long time--often in the millions of years--but evidence is emerging in different species that rapid evolution can occur.
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Published by Genome Research

From the paper:

It was hoped by some that the sequencing of the human genome would undermine the view that racial and ethnic classifications have biological significance (Gilbert 1992). This position was based on the prospect that by showing that there are numerous genetic similarities across all social classifications and no genetic features that are entirely unique to any particular racial or ethnic population, genomics would provide definitive evidence that race and ethnicity are social, not biological, classifications. Ironically, the sequencing of the human genome has instead renewed and strengthened interest in biological differences between racial and ethnic populations, as genetic variants associated with disease susceptibility (Collins and McKusick 2001), environmental response (Olden and Guthrie 2001), and drug metabolism (Nebert and Menon 2001) are identified, and frequencies of these variants in different populations are reported.

Some PC types had hoped to prove that race doesn't exist, but the research showed just the opposite result.

Folks, here's what you need to know about "race."  The word "race," like every other word used by humans, is a made up word. 

Nothing in existence comes with a name or a label. We humans make up words to identify and name different things.  Race is one of the words we have made up to identify and define different types of humans.  

Even if there were no other differences than skin pigment, and in reality there are thousands of other differences between the races, the word race would still be a valid concept because it indicates that this one is different from this other one.  

Trying to deny the reality of race is to deny humans their humanity and their birthright differences in the false view that differences amount to hatred.

And, as I've written many times before, there is no such thing as a superior or inferior race.  Nature doesn'twork that way.  Every race of humans and every type of animal or plant has some things that make it better adapted for certain environmental niches and purposes, so in a sense some are superior at this and some are superior at that. The example I oftne use is horses.  Which is superior, a race horse or a plow horse?  One has to ask: Superior at what?  Runnig fast or pulling heavy weights for long periods of time? A race horse is superior at running but inferior at pulling heavy weights for long periods of time and the plow horse is just the opposite.  That's the way nature works.
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