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Newport Beach police have released photographs of two suspects in a violent Newport Coast home invasion robbery.

Darrin Mucker, 37, on the left, and Ronnie Labert Morrissette, 34, both of Los Angeles, are wanted on $1 million warrants in connection with the Dec. 8 robbery.

Mucker is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds. Morrisette is 6 feet3 inches tall and weighs 275 pounds.

The men are suspected of being part of a group of five men that conspired to commit a robbery on Longboat in a private, gated Newport Coast neighborhood. Three of the men were quickly arrested, but two suspects were able to escape.

Both men should be considered armed and dangerous, according to the NBPD.

Anyone with information should contact the department’s hotline at 1-(800)-550-NBPD. Messages may be left anonymously.
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For some time now, there's been a national political buzz from disgruntled conservatives/rightists about starting a new third party to be what the Republican Party was during the ascendancy and reign of Ronald Reagan.

A November Rasmussen poll gives some idea of the discontent that is brewing. Link

There are three major problems with such Third Parties in the U.S.

The first is that our political system--unlike those in Europe--makes it difficult for such Third Parties to ever gain any real power. Our system is set up to favor just two parties.

The second problem is probably an outgrowth of the first problem: Whenever Third Parties have emerged in the U.S. in modern times they focus on the presidential election, and when they inevitably lose, they fade away. This is because they haven't built from the bottom up and the leaders and money men behind these Third Parties don't seem to have long attention spans and appear incapable of doing the gritty local party building work that is needed once they are no longer center stage.

The third problem is that many of these nascent Third Parties attract too many noisy kooks who try to push their kook agendas instead of falling in line behind pragmatic positions.

When Ross Perot was running for president, we had a press pass to a Perot event in Long Beach. We reported on the event from the inside. Frankly, it was like a convention of Comic Book Guys from the Simpson's.

The Perot event reminded us of some Screen Actors Guild meetings we attended in the past.

It's like the carnival is in town. Billy Barty stands up and in a squeaky small person voice demands more roles for "short actors." Then, a resolution is passed to ask Iron Eyes Cody (who reportedly wasn't even a real Indian, but who may have been Italian) to stop selling Indian blankets and trinkets at the meeting. Some old guy, who was in a Gidget type surfing movie and who still has an orange tan and bottle-blond hair, is winking at us, or is just suffering from an eye twitch (we hope). Over in the corner, an 80-year-old guy who is really an extra, not an actor, is handing out photos of himself and hoping to be discovered. A black guy from South Central wearing a do-rag approaches us and says he's doing a no-budget independent film and he thinks we'd be right for one of the roles--which pays nothing--but, which will, as is usual, give us a reel of film to give to producers who may discover our great talent. Ho hum.

Anyway, like many others, we're pretty fed up with the GOP. And, the Dems are just not an option for us. We'd like to see a viable Third Party, but it has to be done right. We don't want to see such a Third Party grab whoever is hot right now--say, Sarah Palin--make a lot of noise, and then fade away.

We want to see a Third Party that has staying power and which will push limited government, that will promote reindustrialization of the U.S., that will end all immigration for at least a decade, that will stop phony wars that are not in our interest, that will stop most foreign aid, that will show enlightened self-interest toward the American people, and which will do everything to make life better for American citizens. And, that's just for starters.

If such a Third Party starts, we may attend the convention. And, since Iron Eyes Cody has now gone to the Spirit in the Sky or a heavenly pizzeria, we may stick a feather in our hair and ask to run the genuine Indian trinkets booth, or maybe we'll sell tea bags. As we say in the biz: "The rent doesn't stop just because you're in between roles."
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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