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Dr. Dennis Harkins was named the new president of OCC today. Dr. Harkins is presently the Director of Government Relations at Georgia Perimeter College in metropolitan Atlanta and will take over the helm at OCC on January 1, 2010.

It would be nice if Dr. Harkins and his family decided to live in Costa Mesa.
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U.S. TRAVEL INDUSTRY GEARING UP FOR TRIPS TO CUBER (Ah, sorry, my Bahstan accent returned just for a moment.)

(Photo shows Havana)

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Can you figure out why the school is considered a failing school? Actually, that's a misnomer. The school facilities are the same as any other school facilities in the district and the teachers are probably just as good as any other teachers in the district. Same for the administrators and staff.

So, what variable(s) do we have that might account for this school having so many low student scores and thus being considered a failing school from which (by law) parents can now remove their kids and send them to a non-failing school in the district? Hmmmmm?

When you look for variable(s) in this report card try to overlook the gushy left wing crap language and the unsupported and unsupportable conclusions that are nonsense.

Also, note the two statements that we've put in bold blue. So which is it? Is diversity an asset (and if so, how so?) or does diversity present challenges?

Costa Mesa High School serves 1889 ethnically- and academically-diverse students. The ethnic composition of the school includes 30.4% Anglo, 7.8% Asian, 54.9% Hispanic, 2.2% Filipino, 1.9% Pacific Islander, and 2.1% African-American. Approximately 38% of the
students use English as their second language. CMHS/MS's diversity is an asset, and the school and the Orange County Human Relations Commission have collaborated in training students and staff to celebrate the school's unity, tolerance, and respect that are shared among all in the school. At the core of the school’s mission is the future of all its students, and despite the challenges of the diversity presented, the opportunities offered to all students are designed to ensure that every effort is made to provide every child with
the choice to enter the college or career of their choice.
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Both of the guys in the pictures to the left were born in Hawaii. Are both Native Hawaiians?

Well, if you lack a basic understanding of genes and the nature of all living things, including humans, you may say that they are both native (small "n") Hawaiians.
In a sense, you'd be right since both were born in Hawaii. But, the guy on the right is a Native (large "N") Hawaiian since he is genetically Hawaiian and the other guy isn't.

You can, of course, see how such things get confused and mixed up in the modern world.

To be clear, the confusion flows and grows from the wrongheaded acceptance of the notion that genes don't matter and that we should disregard this essential and primary source of who and what we are and substitute secondary identities to define us.

These secondary identities include geographic locations, nations, governments, political divisions, cultures, languages, religions and ideas.

Here's a dumb article from the conservative Big Government web site in which the writer gets into a snit over the Akaka Bill that is being debated now in the U.S. Congress.

Akaka, in simplest terms, would recognize Native Hawaiians (like the guy in the photo on the right above) as being similar to an Indian tribe and allow them a larger degree of self-governance.
What's really going on, though, is that some Native Hawaiians are trying to stop their genocide. And, the Akaka Bill is a step in stopping and even reversing that genocide.

These Native Hawaiians, who really get it, now realize that all the intermarrying and blending that has been going on for years is destroying them as a distinct people.
They want to stop their genocide-by-homogenization by being recognized as the indigenous people of Hawaii, and they want to be able to define who is an indigenous person, and who isn't, based on genes, or, as we say on the street, based on blood.
One estimate we've seen indicates that around 82% of the people who now claim to be Native Hawaiian are not pure blooded Native Hawaiians. In other words, the Native Hawaiians are now about 18% of the population that claims to be Native Hawaiian and they're quickly being assimilated into other racial groups and are disappearing from their own land.

The Big Government article is so full of stupid statements, that it would take too long to discuss them all, but here are just three moronic gems from the author of the article who, like so many "conservatives," is against the bill and who tries to distinguish Native Hawaiians from American Indians to make his case. Our comments are in red:

"The fact of the matter is that Hawaii was a kingdom with a monarch before becoming a state, unlike American Indian Tribes." Uh, so what? That doesn't matter a whit.

"Furthermore, the Tribes recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs are not racially exclusive and the Native Hawaiian government would be race based." The native Hawaiian government should be race based, because Native Hawaiians are race based. They are Native Hawaiians because of their genes.

The genetic code of a distinct people is what determines their race.

Also, there is no logical justification in this just because some in the BIA have been trying to wipe out American Indians for many years by forcing their tribes to be non-race based and to blend themselves away into a larger amorphous mixed population.

An American Indian is an American Indian because of his or her genes. Many American Indians are also now trying to stop their own extinction by ridding themselves of the false notion that genes don't matter, and they are, in fact, demanding the right to constitute themselves based on their natural and historic gene based tribes and to exclude those who are not of the same blood.

White people seem to be the major human group that is most caught up in the wrongheaded idea that all distinct peoples should be blended into one undifferentiated mass.

This idea has been part and parcel of the thinking of many whites for centuries, but really gathered steam with the mass immigration of white Europeans to America.

In America, these white Europeans saw that the English, Irish, French, Germans, Swedes, and other European nationalities blended together into a sort of plain wrap White European on the American shore.

From this blending came the idea that such a blending was a good thing. What these white people failed to fully appreciate was the fact that all Europeans are very closely related genetically anyway.

This Frenchman living on this side of the road in France wasn't genetically much different from the German living on the other side of the road in Germany.

In fact, all white Europeans show the same major evolutionary divergent characteristics and mutations that make them one distinct people, different from all other peoples on the planet, no matter how Europe was divided up into nation states.

In other columns, we've gone into more detail about this false and genocidal "genes don't matter" idea which at its heart is really the extinction of distinct peoples, so we won't dwell on it here other than to say that many whites did (and still do) think that the human norm is a white person and that all non-white people should become as much like white people as possible.

That's why whites forced American Indian kids into white clothes, gave them white haircuts, and put them into white schools and churches. And that's why whites in Australia stole Aborigine children by the thousands and had them raised in white families.

"There are Hawaiians who object on the grounds that they would be racially excluded from the new governing entity, even though they have lived their whole lives in Hawaii." This is really stupid. The writer is mixing up residence with genes. It's just dumb logic.

Look at it this way: If a Chihuahua is born and/or lives in a kennel of Pit Bulls, is the Chihuahua a Pit Bull? Of course not. The Native Hawaiians are demanding the right to self-identity, self-determination and self-governance. They're saying, in essence, that they are a distinct genetic people and they want to live as a distinct genetic people and not become extinct.

THE CM PRESS BOTTOM LINE: All distinct peoples have, by dint of their birth and by natural law, the right to self-identity, self-determination and self-governance and they should not be forced by governments of humans (who are often of different blood) to blend themselves away into some undifferentiated lumpen mass of humanity. Distinct peoples have a God given right to exist, as they alone determine is in their best interests.

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Rucksacks that cut off circulation
Rifles that jam
Camouflage that doesn't hide
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  1. Note that several NMUSD schools do not require a Spanish link for their School Accountability Report Card. I bet those schools performed much better than the ones with Spanish links.

  2. Great report on CMHS! I'm a former student of the school. There has been a hispanic gang problem for years. While attending I watched several friends and fellow students intimidated and harassed. I remember 2 occasions where I saw 2 different students with handguns on campus. One was a 9mm revolver with the cylinder detached and the other was a loaded .22 pistol. Another student had around 10 knives they found in his locker while he was being expelled. There was also a problem with non-students entering the school from the backside fence behind the sports field where they hung-out to smoke and cause trouble. Hopefully things will change for the better.


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