Sunday, August 30, 2009

CM PRESS # 797

WHITE EUROPEANS EVOLVED ONLY 5,500 YEARS AGO [We're the new kids on the block.]

From the Times of London. LINK
The recent emergence of whites is the main reason why only 10% of humans are white and why most major white characteristics are recessive and are lost if a white and a non-white have a child.

Generally speaking, it takes two whites--a white male and a white female--each contributing their recessive white genes to produce a new person with the white European genotype.

Earth's already small, recently evolved, white population, along with the current low white birthrate, coupled with isolation eliminating mass transportation, worldwide modern medicine, and the present zeitgeist, makes white genocide and extinction a possibility.
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Useless bag of wind Senator Reid tries to intimidate paper. Hopefully, this bum will be thrown out of office next year. LINK
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The almost daily Daily Pilot has now editorialized that the folks in Newport Terrace should pay half the money to repair damage done by homeless people and the City of Costa Mesa should pay the other half. LINK

The DP also wants the City to put toilets in Canyon Park for the homeless who live there.

Sorry, DP, those are bad arguments. You see, the real problem is that Newport Terrace, at the very west end of W. 19th Street, lies between where the homeless people sleep and where they get the free food and other freebies offered by the phony compassionate carpetbaggers who are turning the Westside into a new Skid Row.

The answer is not to make the park more comfortable for the homeless, but to stop feeding them. Then, they won't need toilets and will drift off to other lefty cities that care more about illegal aliens and homeless people than they do about their own citizens.

Costa Mesa is totally at fault in this. Our city is allowing and encouraging this mess on the Westside and the Newporters are the innocent parties.
When the majority on the Costa Mesa City Council decide to work to stop having the Westside be a new Skid Row and when they work to stop having free food, free medical care and all the other freebies be given out to an ever increasing mob of people attracted to the freebies, then we'll start seeing some of the problems on the Westside move away.
Until then, get ready to keep paying Newporters for us being a bad neighbor.
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Yes, times are tough and, yes, it's good to have non-profits that will help CITIZENS who have fallen on hard times. Most of us will agree on this.

The problem we have on the Westside of Costa Mesa is not that there's not enough compassion or that there aren't enough non-profits, but just the reverse.

There is too much misplaced compassion (usually from carpetbaggers who travel to the Westside to satisfy their psychological need to mother everyone in sight), and there are too many non-profits.

The Westside is being turned into a permanent skid row, and the non-profits and their unofficial PR agency, the Daily Pilot, are helping keep it that way by welcoming and holding people who really can't afford to live in Costa Mesa and who should be making adjustments to their life styles (like moving to a less expensive area or back to Mexico).

Many of those receiving the freebies on the Westside are suspected illegal aliens. They shouldn't even be in this country and the cat-ladies-sans-cats, full of misplaced compassion, are just creating magnets to attract and hold even more people on the Westside who can't afford to live here unless they receive subsidies from these people who are harming citizens to help illegal aliens.

How about putting some of those non-profits in Mesa Verde where many of the kind compassionate folks live or, even better, put them in Newport Beach where others who travel to the Westside to hand out freebies live.

The Westside should be the best side of Costa Mesa, not the worst side.

Improvers helped elect three people to the City Council with links to the Westside: Eric Bever (lives there), Wendy Leece (lives there), Allan Mansoor (used to live there). That's the majority on the City Council, folks.

A majority on the City Council can make major changes in this city. So, why aren't these three making the changes to the Westside? All three seem to be distracted or unfocused for one reason or another instead of doing what they were elected to do.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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  1. I've actually had people down at the beach tell me they specifically moved here from other states because of our weather and freebies. They figure if they're going to be sleeping on the streets, they might as well sleep on the streets here.

    Lucky for us right? BS!

    I RARELY drive on the west side for any reason. Dense traffic, mariachi music...Tijuana is cleaner this area sometimes.

    The west side is a magnet for illegal aliens and transients from other areas. Then we have the so called compassionate liberal council members granting all these freebies.

    Yes these city council members live in gated communities insulated from this filth. I bet if they had to live, work and grocery shop toe to toe to these so called "poor" folks, things would change very quickly.

    The majority of the CM city council and so called do gooders in CM are shortsighted and ignorant at best.

    Who do they owe allegiance to? Those of who live and pay taxes here or the homeless and the illegals?



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