Saturday, August 15, 2009

CM PRESS # 782


In the wake of the stupid vote that approved the sweetheart deal with the Costa Mesa firefighters last week--Foley, Leece and Monahan are the ones who drank the kool-aid on this nonsense, while Bever and Mansoor voted against it--we'd like to be able to write that it is always these three--Foley, Leece and Monahan who make the wrong votes, but that's not the way it is. Sometimes, Bever and Mansoor also vote the wrong way on matters that will eventually come back to bite the citizens of this city.

We wonder--we're serious--if it's just a case where not one of the five Councilmembers is capable of thinking things through to their logical conclusions so each of them simply stumbles into good and bad votes and never really understands what they've done or why they're praised on some votes and condemned on others.

We're pretty sure the five aren't just blindfolding themselves and throwing darts to make their decisions, but sometimes it seems that way.

Maybe, along with other requirements for running for office, there should be one where the candidates have to take an IQ test--no, that won't work. Smart people also often make bad decisions.

Perhaps it's just a matter of the Councilmembers slowing down and talking privately to citizens who may see some problems with what the Council is being asked to vote on and who can offer some suggestions.

As it is now, the Councilmembers often get very public comments at City Council meetings, but this is often too late for them to think things through and change direction if necessary.

So, what we're often left with is what we now see all the time: The Council will pass something really stupid and harmful to the citizens of this city and won't understand this until citizens start writing columns and letters about their stupidity--after the fact, when it's too late.
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The Costa Mesa Police Department conducted a sobriety checkpoint on Friday August 14, 2009, at Newport Boulevard and 22nd Street. Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency and is part of a National enforcement campaign.

During the hours of operation, 647 vehicles drove through the checkpoint, 212 vehicles were stopped, and 25 drivers were screened for driving under the influence. There were 3 DUI arrests. In addition, 9 drivers were cited for no licenses and 1 driver was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales. A total of 10 citations were issued for miscellaneous vehicle code violations and 9 vehicles were impounded.
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