Monday, September 12, 2016

CM PRESS # 517


Hillary’s meltdown included throwing a water glass at a staffer- narrowly missing her head, and demanding Matt Lauer be fired!  She was overheard threatening executives at NBC saying “If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist Fuck will have us swinging from nooses! What the fuck is wrong with you idiots?”
It is reported Hillary then screamed at everyone for close to an hour and staffers felt like she was having a “Hitler-like rage down”.
Calls were made to New York Times, Washington Post and Huffington post and Twitter executives with orders to “Crush Matt Lauer”.  As you can easily see with all the headlines from these puppet MSM sources, they are completely bought and paid for.
[The three paragraphs above are excerpts from the linked to column--CM PRESS]
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WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE (read mostly Blacks) CRIMINALS AND OTHERS (read mostly Whites) NOT CRIMINALS?


Read the above linked article and you'll note that the writer pussyfoots around the subject, but it is still clear--even with the pussyfooting--that Blacks, as a percentage of the population, have more of the genes for criminality than Whites.

But, if you are an awakened White, you already knew the reality of genes and its nexus with criminality and especially violent criminal acts without reading the article.

And, if you are one of those dense self-hating Whites you'll still not understand the reality as your tiny brain tries to save you from cognitive dissonance by positing all sorts of silly notions about the cause of Black violent crime being because of slavery, biased police officers, White privilege, salt in food, poverty, etc., etc. ad infinitum.
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