Sunday, August 6, 2017

CM PRESS # 822

Yesterday, Aug. 5th was my wedding anniversary.  This marriage has now resulted in my genome being multiplied by 9 (and still counting).

Pity those who do not make more like themselves.  They live very short human lives and then they go extinct and they are named unfit by nature.  They might as well not have lived at all.  Do not be like them.

Be fruitful and multiply yourself.
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Will the 32 million Negro Igbo Jews  now be allowed to immigrate to Israel?  Don't bank on it.
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From AmRen.

Long, but nice intro to the genetics of race.

The following excerpt explains and corrects the confusion caused by those who try to deny the reality of race by saying there is more variation within members of a race than between races.

The following crude analogy does not capture the complex, real world of human genetic variation, but it does demonstrate the importance of small sets of structured data compared to a large body of random variation. Let us imagine a group of 100 boys and 100 girls, each with 100 marbles that can be any color. For the first 85 marbles, color differences are completely random for everyone. However, for the last 15 marbles, boys always have blue marbles and girls have pink. Boys and girls thus form two distinct groups based on 15 percent of the marbles; the other 85 percent of the marbles vary in color without regard to sex. This means there is more intra-group variability than inter-group variability, but this does not mean that the blue-for-boys and pink-for-girls pattern does not exist; it clearly does. Nor does it imply that any given boy is likely to have marbles that are more similar to those of a girl than to another boy. The opposite is likely to be true.
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