Wednesday, August 2, 2017

CM PRESS # 819


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Well, not so fast.

What they actually demonstrated is that certain types of fish when in their larval stage and before there is bone deposition in the cartilaginous lower jaw have either a slow or fast gaping behavior which contributes to the way the bones actually form.

Two things about this:

1. The gaping behavior is ultimately a product of their genetic programs, and the gaping is probably done because they find comfort in doing so while their jaws are forming. So, in this sense, this is a genetic source of variability.

2. They also demonstrate in their experiments, that the genetic programs can be altered such that the fast gapers can be slowed down and the slow gapers speeded up and they then have the bone structure that forms from the slow or fast gaping.

Thus, one can argue that we can change the variability of organisms (including humans) if we see some sort of repetitive actions or movements, say, done by human fetuses and change those actions or movements.  In other words is there something similar happening in the womb that causes humans to be born with certain bone shapes or other characteristics?
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