Sunday, December 4, 2016

CM PRESS # 593

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While everyone else is playing checkers, Trump is playing chess and is so many moves ahead of everyone else that they don't know what hit them when he prevails.

And in Costa Mesa...

Now to a local reflection:  The way Trump thinks is the way the Improvers in Costa Mesa have thought for years.  That's how we got the Westside Plans in and how we won election after election with candidates no one thought could ever win.

Remember nine time loser Chris Steel and how the Improvers convinced him to run one more time after telling him that they could help him win. Remember how everyone laughed and said Steel would never, never, never win?  And, what happened?  Steel not only won, with the help and the thinking of the Improvers, but he won with more votes than anyone else running for the council that year.

And, this went on in the next several elections.

You will note, now, that the Improvers did not come out in the just past election but let the people running do it on their own with no Trump level thinking.  And, the one bright spot in this council election was Mansoor winning.  Remember, Mansoor, like Steel, was an early Improver candidate.

What went wrong with Steve Mensinger?  We could tell you volumes, but problems began before the election with some of the things that he did that turned off some of the Improvers.  We could tell you, but we won't.  There's another election in two years and we may have to saddle up again to retake the council once again.  We will say that Mensinger should have and could have  won easily in the just past election with the right thinking and execution of that thinking behind him.
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