Friday, October 21, 2016

CM PRESS # 553


Great!  Segregation is a good thing.  Let different races enjoy the company of their own and stop this crap where every event and meeting must look like the Star Wars Bar.

However, the sad thing here is that these completely non-White events--no Whites allowed--are being justified as good, when we know had this been a completely White event--no non-Whites allowed--the usual weak Whites and cucks along with non-Whites would be screaming from the roof tops about discrimination, etc.

Are you catching on yet, Whitey?  Or, are you a weak-assed White and a cuck and do you stand up for non-Whites but not for Whites?  Why do you do that?  Do you hate yourself?  Or, are you a ((( ))) pretending to be White when it is to your advantage but reverting to ((( ))) when it isn't?
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